Can you give me a sneak preview of your Garden ideas for Spring?2020-02-10T00:25:04+00:00

Spring 2020 will be our greatest Spring ever.  As always we are excited about Easter and all the beautiful plants associated with the holiday.  Zen Gardening will be a major theme this year and will be our thrust at the Festival of Flowers.  The Master Gardners of Alabama will be in Mobile this year and Molly and Sherry will be conducting workshops on “Small Containers, Big Impact.”  Make your reservations early.  Novelty containers and planters will be very fun with the merchandise we have coming in.  And for a lot of fun, watch for our Fairy Garden Classes in early Spring.

Continue to join us on Facebook everyday and be a part of all the excitement.


When is the Festival of Flowers?2020-02-29T00:03:12+00:00

The Festival of Flowers is March 26th- March 29.  We are very excited to be a part of the wonderful event.  We will have many new items for Spring and the Festival’s Theme, Zen Gardening in the Garden Galleria.  Keep watching our Facebook for details.

Important Tips for March.2020-02-28T03:00:13+00:00

Here are some important Garden Tips for February:

Fertilize your lawn.

Clean your hoses; sharpen your mower; rototill humus slow and release fertilizer into Garden beds; and many more important Garden tips are available at the Garden Center.  Come and meet with our Design Team soon.

REMINDER: START YOUR HERBS.2020-02-29T00:13:00+00:00

Start your Herb Garden.  Place Herb seeds in a flat filled with Promix or Metro Mix.  Sprinkle the seeds and keep evenly moist.  If you need Herbs today, the Garden Center received their first shipment of Fresh Herbs.  Included:  Four Varieties of Thyme, Two Varieties of Parsley, Two Varieties of Mint, Two Varieties of Rosemary, Cilantro, Dill, Bronze Fennell and Lavender.  Oregano and Basil will be in soon.


We just moved to this beautiful part of the country and we want to start a Rose Garden. Can you help?2020-02-28T03:19:59+00:00

Yes we can.  We just received 27 different varieties of Rose Bushes including 4 kinds of Climbing Roses.  The Rose colors are numerous and you will have fun picking out your favorites.  We also have all the products necessary to feed and protect your bushes.  We are located on Dauphin Street so stop by any time and meet with our Design Team about your Rose Bushes and any Gardening needs.  Welcome to you and your family.

Will Molly and Sherry be conducting workshops in March?2020-02-28T02:57:27+00:00

March is a very active month.  They have their first workshop Saturday March 7th and will be conducting workshops during the Festival of Flowers and the Master Gardeners Event the last week of March.  Contact the Garden Center for more information.


For instant Spring, shop the Garden Center today for Daffodils, Gerbera Daisies, Calla Lilies, Hydrangeas, African Violets and more.

My Garden needs some color for the next few weeks.2020-02-28T02:53:36+00:00

The Garden Center has plenty of Pansies in many colors and Snapdragons to freshen your Garden and outdoor arrangements into mid-March.

Is it time to treat my shrubs?2020-02-28T02:52:43+00:00

You will promote new growth by fertilizing your shrubs.  So we say yes, fertilize your shrubs with balanced fertilizers.  See our Design Team with any special concerns or issues.

REMINDER: ENJOY OUR SPRING WEATHER.2020-02-28T03:21:04+00:00

The weather is warmer and brighter.  A time to get out into your Garden, enjoy the fresh air and starting planning your Garden for 2020.  The is a  great time to clean all your Gardening tools and pots.  Do not use last year’s soil for this year’s plants.  Make a day trip to the Garden Center early in March to see all that is new.