It is so incredible that you have Breast Cancer Awareness Days!!!2020-11-16T01:44:51+00:00

Thank you.  This was our 10th year donating SALES to The American Cancer Society.  This year was our biggest year as we donated $800.00 to Breast Cancer Awareness.  This is one way we give back to the community.

When will the Christmas shop arrive?2020-11-16T01:41:43+00:00

We are very excited about our Christmas shop and our elves will be setting it prior just prior to Thanksgiving.

When will your Christmas Greenery be available.2020-11-18T23:23:57+00:00

Our wreaths and Garland will be arriving next week just before Thanksgiving.

Should I discontinue to feed my Roses?2020-09-10T23:50:49+00:00

Not at all.  Keep feeding your Roses and they will continue to bloom until the frost.

When is the 1st Frost Predicted for Fall?2020-09-10T23:48:35+00:00

According to the Almanac, the 1st frost for Mobile is predicted for November 29th.  As an FYI: Thanksgiving is November 26th.


SUGGESTION:  ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE GARDENING AND SAFE SHOPPING. Please wear your mask, and maintain a 6 foot social distance while shopping.

Thank you


What is the Difference between Pansies and Violas?2020-11-18T02:20:44+00:00

All Pansies are Violas but not all Violas are Pansies.  Pansies have smaller blooms and stems.  However, they are sturdier than Pansies and will take the winter better.  Violas will also grow or “creep” and make better ground cover than Pansies. Pansies have large blooms and will bring a lot of color to your Garden and Patio containers.  Both plants are a part of our Mix ‘N Match program.  Trays of 18 plants are Value Priced @ $18.99.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more great plants.

We are Your Safe and Total Care Gardening Center. 

When will you have Christmas Cactus?2020-11-18T02:13:46+00:00

Our first shipment of Christmas Cactus have arrived.  We have Christmas Red and Snow White.  Come in soon as they will not last long.

When should I plant my Paperwhite Bulbs?2020-11-16T01:48:50+00:00

If you wanted Paperwhites for Thanksgiving, I am sorry it is too late.  However, if you come in this week, purchase your bulbs you will have Paperwhites well before Christmas.  Prices:  $1.19 /dry bulb; $1.99/wet bulb; $12.99/ dozen and Paperwhite Kits: $9.99.