Basic Tips for Tools.2021-01-10T00:57:07+00:00

Clean your outdoor tools.  Mud and dirt from last fall could damage them.

Don’t forget to bring in your garden hose.  Freezing temperatures damage them.

Wrap your faucets to protect them from freezing.

Check your lawn mower for any needed repairs.

Check any fencing for needed repairs.

Stop by your Garden Center today for a list of January Garden Tips.


Should I discontinue to feed my Roses?2020-09-10T23:50:49+00:00

Not at all.  Keep feeding your Roses and they will continue to bloom until the frost.


It is time to put in your Spring Garden.  Start with our Mix N’ Match Bedding Plant Program.  You can select only the bedding plants that you need and get 36 plants for @$18.99.  Included in this program are:  Marigolds, Petunias, Impatiens, Wax Begonias, Salvia, Hypoestes, Coleus, Dusty Miller, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers and Squash. Don’t forget to shop our entire Garden Center for all that is new.


SUGGESTION:  ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE GARDENING AND SAFE SHOPPING. Please wear your mask, and maintain a 6 foot social distance while shopping.

Thank you


Bring Some Excitement to Your Garden.2021-05-03T00:04:01+00:00

Bring some excitement t your Garden.  Purchase two or three feeders and fill them with Mexican Petunia.  Hummingbirds are particularly attracted to them.

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GARDEN TIP: MULCH2021-01-10T00:48:49+00:00

Remove mulch from beds and burn or discard to control wintering pests.  Never recycle mulch that maybe infested with pests from the previous season.  A year in  a mulch bin will render it ready as a soil conditioner.

Is it too early to work on my Rose beds?2021-01-10T00:44:41+00:00

This is a great time to renovate your Rose beds.  TIPS:  lift plants, add compost & lime, rototill then re-plant and mulch.  Prune Roses now as well.  Cut back bloom shoots to 18″ of graft union.

When should I start on my Herb Garden for Spring?2021-02-01T01:43:18+00:00

We suggest that you renovate your Herb beds now.  Lift and divide perennial varieties, rototill, replant and mulch.  Wait until late March to feed.

We are Your Safe and Total Care Gardening Center.

When should I plant my Caladium bulbs?2021-05-02T23:59:53+00:00

Now is the time to plant your Caladium bulbs:  ground temperature should be over 70 degrees.  Caladium Tips:  take the eye out of your bulb for a fuller plant; dark pink/red leaf Caladiums do better in sun; white shades do better in the shade; and use bone meal instead of nitrogen fertilizers.

Starting The Great Indoors Week With Soft Florals2023-02-26T01:49:31+00:00

We are starting The Great Indoors Week with 2 of our softer and elegant blooms:  Begonias and Cyclamen.   Begonias are brightly colored plants with petals of Red, Yellow, Pink and White.  The petals are soft and very feminine.  Begonias do represent different meanings.  We believe they best represent peace and gratitude.  Cyclamen, our other soft petal flower has wind swept blooms that are very different.  Cyclamen have a rich history in literature.  Giving someone a Cyclamen expresses love and sincere tenderness to that individual.  Perfect.  Stay with us all week on Facebook and enjoy our postings in The Great Indoors Week.

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