Yesterday, I had a beautiful morning at The Festival of Flowers, ZEN GARDENS,  with a focus on meditation in “A Garden Of Shadow & Light”.  ZEN  as an adjective means peaceful and calm.  The attendant at the Festival allowed me to enter early so I could take pictures and spend time meditating in “Our Garden Of Shadow & Light.”  This exhibit was created by Tommy, Donald, Sherry, Molly, Nancy and Richard from your Garden Center.  We have attached a complete tour of our exhibit which includes the miniature Zen Gardens.  To create your own area of peace and calm, stop by the Garden Center today, tomorrow or anytime and let our Design Team show you the plants, statues and decor we recommend.  We can also recommend the resources to obtain other hard pieces (fountain, stones).  This is the year to do something different with your Garden and add a place to have peace and calm.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more tips, plants arrangements.

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