Audrey says “It’s time to start planning your Butterfly Garden.”  Monarchs will start to arrive from late March through May so now is the time to re-furbish your existing Garden or start a new habitat/Garden.  Stop by this weekend and meet with our Design Team and they will spend the time to teach you the proper dimensions and plants for your Garden.  We have just received some of the Monarch’s favorite plants:  Marigolds, Phlox, Bronze Fennel, Mealy Sage, and Lavender.  Join us at the Garden Center and hundreds of other as we are working to re-populate Coastal Coastal Alabama with the Monarch Butterflies. We are featuring some pictures from our Monarch Waystation in 2019.  This can be a fun and informative family or class project.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more information on the Monarch Butterfly.

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