For the past 52 years, Earth Day has been celebrated.  The day’s events have done a lot to help keep our Earth green and healthy.  We are asking that all our friends and customers continue the celebration by planting a tree or bush and getting the family involved.  This year we are suggesting that you plant a citrus or other fruit tree and not only help the environment but have delicious fruit for your family.  Your Garden Center has an excellent selection of citrus trees whose blooms are starting.  Choose from: Lemon, Arbequina Olive,  Fantastic Avocado, Sweet Native Persimmon, Owari Satsuma, Red Grapefruit, Miho Satsuma, Tangelo and Hamlin Sweet Orange.  Some of your favorites are also available:  Limelight Hydrangea, Boxwoods, Daisy Gardenias, Sky Pencils and more.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more great plants, bushes and scrubs. 

We are Your Total Care Garden Center.