Coleus and Sun Coleus are 2 of our favorite non-blooming plants with their brightly colored variegated leaves.  Leaves are in a myriad of colors.  Coleus plants are shade lovers and make great accent plants.  Coleus work well with other shade lovers like Impatiens, Lobelia, Begonias and other brightly colored flowering plants.   Coleus do well in planters and in pots.  Sun Coleus do need some shade and only direct sun in the morning.  Like Coleus, Sun Coleus have brightly colored variegated leaves that work well with floral plants in bright colors.  Let our Design Team assist you if you have questions regarding where to plant Coleus and Sun Coleus.  And if you spend $75.00 on merchandise, you will earn $5 in GC Big Bucks, good on your next purchase.

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