Differing between Pansies and Violas is a very important discussion.  Although both are winter flowering plants and both plants do look alike. Both plants have fabulous colors in their blooms.  The main difference between the flowers is in the petals.  Violas have 2 petals pointing upward and 3 pointing downward.  Pansies have 4 petals pointing upward and 1 downward.  Violas are smaller and grow in abundance compared to Pansies.  Violas are heartier than Pansies.  A very popular Viola is the tri-color.  Today we are featuring 6 Violas and 6 Pansies.  Our Design Team is available to help you make a decision on whether you go with Pansies or Violas this year.   Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more great plants, arrangements and Garden tips.

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