We are interrupting Color Week to feature trees and bushes you can plant this weekend in support of Earth Day.  Earth Day is Monday April 22.  The theme for 2024 is Planet vs Plastics: a 60% reduction on the production of all plastics by 2040.  As Gardeners, we believe all of us are doing our part to reduce waste and conserve our resources and help he environment.  In 2008, the theme was “Trees Please” and we are going back to that year with “Shrubs, Bushes and Trees please.”  The more green the better and healthier we will be.  This morning we are featuring Citrus Trees for your beauty and enjoyment.  The blooms are just starting and the fruit is not far behind.  You can choose from Washington Naval Oranges, Key Limes, Owari Satsumas, Improved Myer Lemons, Valencia Oranges and Persian Limes. Along with these Citrus trees, Donald suggest Japanese Magnolias, Bonsai “Green Mound and Juniperus Conferta.  Our Garden Center has many more bushes and shrubs that will help our environment.  Let us all do our part.

Happy Earth Day.