Enhance all you meals this Spring with Fresh Herbs from Your Garden Center.  Fresh Herbs arrived last week and we are excited as this delivery is earlier than last year.  Besides the Herbs listed on the flyer, (the 2 Herbs pictured at the top of the flyer are Bronze Fennel and Chives), we have English Lavender, Spearmint, French Thyme and English Thyme.  We expect our shipments of Rosemary and Basil very soon.  All Herbs are Value Priced @ $8.99.  Nancy has been making up hanging baskets and mini gardens of Herbs for customers.  She recently sold a mini Garden of Chives, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano and Sage.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more great plants and arrangements.

We are Your Total Care Garden Center.