Does your Garden and Patio have enough color?  If you answer “No”, then we’re going to suggest flowers that can give you great color in the Garden, on the Patio or in the Air for the next 3 days.  We have to start with Petunias.  With their trumpet shaped blossoms and bright colors, they are the perfect flower to give your Garden some colorful pop.  Petunias work well with other plants in the Garden, make a great arrangements in your Patio urns and make fabulous Hanging Basket.  The are great plants to mix n’ match:  stripes with solids, two complimentary solids etc… We love them on the patio as they symbolize “a desire to spend more time with someone”.  Your Garden Center has a magnificent selection of Petunias and Hanging Baskets to choose from.  Let our Dream Team help you colorize your Garden this weekend.

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