It is now mid-Summer and we wanted to check on Ms Christine’s Garden.  She has been very conscientious this season to keep as much color as possible.  Here is our tour:  the Day Lilies are still going strong, the current bloom of Roses are small, the Crepe Myrtle has fabulous blooms, the White and the Red Penta are thriving in the heat, the Lantana is on its 3rd bloom,  the Geraniums are coming and going, we will have 4 Strawberries soon, the Shrimp plant’s blooms are reliable as always, the Basil, Rosemary and Mint are healthy and she uses them nightly, our 3rd Hibiscus just opened up, the 6 Hydrangea bushes look great, her Caladiums came back and are also doing well in the shade. The two bunnies we have as neighbors have plenty to eat elsewhere. Ms. Christine is having lots of fun this year with her Garden and we will update as we approach fall.

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