Pansies and Violas are our MUST HAVES for this time of the year.  With great color and hardiness, both flowers do very well in our climate and will give you color through February.   And you can Mix N’ Match plants depending on what you need.  Pansies are taller and have larger blooms.  Violas will spread and give you better ground cover.  Both plants are @ Value Priced in our Bedding Trays for $18.99 per tray.  Tommy and Richard are growing hundreds of plants  and many are ready for sale.  So by Your Garden Center this week and start your Fall II planting for Thanksgiving.  You can also call us @ 251.478.1484, give us your order and we will be happy to deliver to your home or your vehicle.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more great plants and arrangements.

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