Bees pollinate 1/3 of all the food we eat (vegetables, fruits, nuts) and are essential to many ecosystems.  They need our help “bee”cause of the severe decline in their populations.  Many species run the risk of extinction.   You can help us re-populate Coastal Alabama just by planting some key plants in your Garden or in your patio planters.  Bees will enjoy feasting in your Garden if you have:  Herbs as we mentioned on Tuesday including Basil, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Sage &  Thyme as well as Angelonia, Butterfly Bush, Coneflowers, Geraniums, Milkweed, Salvia and Zinnias.  If you spend $50 on merchandise you will earn $5 in GC BIG BUCKS good on your next purchase. 

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