Yesterday, Evil Jack spoke of large Halloween characters.  At the market this year, Donald and Tommy found this extra large vases and containers for indoor and outdoor decor.  These narrow tall jars, (almost olive oil jars) are perfect for your foyer or hallway.  Depending on the time of the year,  we envision cattail stems, bamboo shoots, bright forsythia stems,  Zen branches and tall live or everlasting plants/decor.  The large pots are perfect for Peace Lilies,   Grasses, Fruit Trees, Boxwoods, Ferns and much more.  Coordinating smaller pots as well as unique shaped containers are also available.  If you spend $50 on merchandise, you will earn $5 in GC Halloween Big Bucks, good on your next purchase.  Come shop with us this weekend and make sure you check out all our Halloween characters as well.

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