This is Color Week and we will be featuring plants and tips on how to enhance or re-work your Garden for a new look as we approach the end of Spring.  Today we are featuring Caladiums.  Tommy bought 800 Jumbo Bulbs a few weeks ago so we have plenty to sell.  Plant your bulbs this week and you will have plants blooming in four weeks.  Caladiums will last until the first frost.  Our tips for growing Caladiums are:  1) remove the eye of the bulb for a fuller plant; 2) plant dark red/pink leaves in the sun, white does better in the shade; 3)  use bone meal fertilizer; 4) purchase your bulbs from us. Fancy Leaf Caladiums @ $24.99/dozen and Strap Leaf Caladiums @ $32.99/dozen.  Bulbs are available individually or in cases. 

Like what you see?  Please join us all week for more and more color.

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