This is the weekend to plant your Shrubs and Bushes.  Donald and Tommy have purchased fabulous merchandise that is just waiting to be transplanted to your Garden and home.  New shrubs and bushes include:  Seafoam Camellia ($84.99), Giant Selloum ($65.99), Taylor Perfection Camellia ($42.99), Mino Yuki Whit Sasanqua ($44.99), Shishi Gashira Camellia, Pink Low Growing Sasanqua ($44.99), Large Lush Tractor Seat Plants ($39.99), Wonderful Selloum ($29.99), 3 Gallon Holly Fern, 1 Gallon Foxtail Fern and 1 Gallon Autumn Fern.  All these shrubs, bushes and ferns are available today at Your Garden Center.  We anticipate a fast sell out, so stop by today.

We are Your Total Care Garden Center.