Bees are very important to our ecological system.  Honey Bees are Great Pollinators and are attracted to Marigolds and Geraniums and many more plants we offer.  Honey Bees in turn carry pollen to other plants.  Marigolds are also very helpful as they deter harmful insects like hornets, aphids and yellow jackets.  Bumblebees are actually the better pollinator of the two since they feed off more plants than Honey Bees due and they are much larger to carry a larger load.  Plants that Your Garden Center which attract Bees include:  Marigolds, Basil, Geraniums, Mint, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Verbena, Salvia, Angelonia and much more.  Bring the family to Your Garden Center and let our Design Team assist you in adding plants that will help our ecological system. 

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