Welcome to The Great Indoors with East Coast Tropicals.  We are kicking off The Great Indoors this week with indoor or shady plants from East Coast Tropicals.  These plants are wonderful for your home and/or office and will keep it healthy and more pleasant.  Plants incude:  4″ Asparagus Foxtail, 4″ Austral Fern, 4″ Button Fern, 4″ Mahogany Fern, 6″ Rex Begonia, 6″ Ficus Ginseng, 6″ Kimberly Queen, 6″ Staghorn Fern, 8″ Lickety Split, 10″ Cordyline Harlequin, 10″ Ficus Alii Braid, 10″ Boston Fern.  Terrariums are making a comeback, so we also have available 2″ Terrarium Ferns and 2″ Terrarium Foliage.   Stop by this week and shop all this excitement for the Great Indoors.

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