The King’s Supper-2023 was held at the Royal Civic Center last evening and Carol, Tommy, Donald and the Royal Designers had the honor and privilege of decorating the Royal Banquet Hall for King Felix, Benjamin Morgan Radcliff III and Queen Cooper Knowles Leland.  A magnificent fountain greeted the Royal Couple, their Court and their Guests.  The head table was full of magnificent arrangements and tablescapes.  The colors and details of each arrangement look like works of art.  Urns and vases of flowers and greenery surrounded the head table and the dance floor, providing a more intimate setting.  Not only did the Royal Designers create the head table and its magnificence, they also made 128 centerpieces for each of the tables for the guests.  Each of these centerpieces was unique but coordinated with all the other arrangements.  Juvenile Royalty had their own table that was full of color and fun and set up for a wonderful party.  If you take a moment to recap in your mind the beauty of the flowers, the magnitude of the event and the amount of coordination, the King’s Supper was truly a magnificent event fir for our new King and Queen. 

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